The Gender Variant Jacket

How have clothes failed us?
How have clothes changed us?

THE GENDER VARIANT JACKET is a tunable garment for gender variant folx (including but not limited to transgender, agender, gender fluid, gender-nonconforming, and gender non-binary people), that allows for different presentations based on the silhouette of the garment.


As a trans and gender non-binary person myself, I understand the stakes in a project that seeks to INTENTIONALLY create clothes for gender variant people. When I think about getting dressed in the morning, I need to think about the spaces I will move through. Will I be in public, walking down the street? What spaces will I be in, and how likely are said spaces to be affirming to me? Or, uncomfortable? Or, dangerous? This project is but a beginning of possibilities for how fashion can be used to validate, love and center non-normative identities— not tokenize or disregard them.

To read more in my written thesis, click here.