"Martinique" (materials: ink, bristol paper)


It Was the Last Time He Was Ever Seen in Martinique” was a sentence that was picked at-random, as a comic prompt in Phoebe Gloeckner’s Graphic Narrative course. 

My comic opens with two figures, walking along a landscape, discussing one of the figure’s dead uncle when they come upon a body, face-down in the sand. While they attempt to figure out if the figure is alive or not, one of them pokes the body and realizes that it is NOT a human body, but a bot that has been deposited on this beach as an advertising scheme. 

My use of blue wash and line work was to create an ethereal, almost dream-like tone which was furthered by the plot line of the comic. But as you read, you notice more things that are out-of-place, such as the Nike-brand shoes the first two characters insist of wearing (Nike Air Force 1’s and Nike Air Huaraches). As this comic contains the GRAPHIC themes of fake news, product placement, and poking-of-bodies,  “It Was the Last Time He Was Ever Seen in Martinique” may not be suitable for children.